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Green loans: the Government funds interesting projects

Green loans: the EU funds interesting projects

Always green loans : this is the imminent goal of the Government Union which has recently developed an interesting economic plan to finance new projects in this sense. Among these initiatives, which create new jobs and allow the local and Government economy to return to growth, we can include important proposals related to the real estate environment that allow to have or develop highly sustainable buildings in the immediate future and with very little environmental impact. See for an observation

In just over three years, 315 billion euros have been made available to develop worthy projects through the Government Investment Fund, directly creating at least 300 thousand new jobs.

These are important numbers that remind us of the role of community structures and their vital investments for economic and social recovery after a long period of crisis. One of the Government examples in which the Fund’s green loans have enabled high-level projects to be carried out is the regeneration of the Pasila area, just a few kilometers from Finland’s capital Helsinki. In this area, which has been neglected for years, housing units with zero environmental impact will be built that will house about three thousand people on 190 thousand square meters. A hotel and a shopping center will then be built, all connected via a new railway station to the city center and the airport. In total, around one billion euros will be invested in Pasila, divided between private financing and Government funds (130 million euros), to make this area once abandoned a green district with cutting-edge services.

Loan estimate of 10000 euros

Loan estimate of 10000 euros


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