Instant Loans Cash Lenders Now We'Re Serious About Bahamacaves.

A large development company has apparently been given permits to dredge a new marina very close to the entrance, and even closer to the underlying passages of Mystery Cave that go directly beneath the property for the development on Stocking Island, near Georgetown, Great Exuma.  The project also calls for a “deep” sewage injection well, as well as diesel and gasoline storage all of which will be placed directly over the top of the cave.  The well is to be drilled to a depth of 170 feet (not even remotely deep compared to injection well standards in the US).

Mystery cave is a major fracture cave (has high vertical passages in the shape of a large crack) that is over 200 feet deep.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out were this “treated” gray water effluent will end up.  If this well is used, there is a high probability of a significant negative impact on the cave, it’s incredible marine life, and the surrounding waters where this tidally affected cave receives and expels its water.

Brian Kakuk has spoken at public hearings concerning the potential destruction of the cave, and the important marine life within.  At the same public meetings, he has argued with “eco-lawyers” that would have the public believe that this project is having no effect on the caves. The BCRF, along with local landowners, are continuing our efforts to keep this project from effecting the caves and surrounding waters.

The BCRF has dedicated 3 web pages ( MYSTERY CAVE – MYSTERY CAVE FACT SHEET – URGENT LETTER ) to the ongoing efforts to stop the potential destruction of these caves, so please check back regularly to find out the latest.


Below this milk white water is the entrance to Mystery Cave. It appears that more than 80% of the siltation that makes its way along the shoreline, is going directly into the cave on the incoming tides. The leaves on the surface indicate that the cave is siphoning (drawing water in on the incoming tide (12:30 pm August 31st, 2002) Photo by Brian Kakuk


The once clear waters of Hurricane Hole and Cleaning Hole are now milk white with the dredged silt from the marina project on Stocking Island. Most of the silt is being siphoned directly into Mystery Cave on the incoming tides. (12:30 pm, 31 August, 2002) Photo by Brian Kakuk