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This is the official web site for the Bahamas Caves Research Foundation, an organization dedicated to gathering information on blue holes and underwater cave systems of the Bahamas. The information provided here is a compilation of data provided by explorers, scientists, and recreational cave divers from all over the world. These individuals have dedicated themselves to unraveling the mysteries of the Bahamas underwater, underground. For in-depth information on underwater cave biology, check out Dr. Tom Iliffe’s, website.

Within this site you will be exposed to some of the most cutting edge diving technologies and techniques currently in use by underwater cave explorers and researchers.

Bahamas Caves Research Foundation Mission Statement

The Bahamas Caves Research Foundation is dedicated to the exploration, research, and conservation of Bahamian blue holes and underwater cave systems through science, public awareness, education and sustainable tourism.


Vision Statement

The Bahamas Caves Research Foundation will become the definitive source of information for educational, governmental and tourism agencies interested in blue holes and underwater cave systems in the Bahamas.


Side mount diver passing through the entrance restriction of Bob’s Blue Hole, Central Andros. Photo by Brian Kakuk


An aerial view of Gibson Cay and its inland blue hole, Central Andros. Photo by Brian Kakuk

BCRF Expeditions

Each year, we conduct several 1 to 2 week cave diving and research expeditions throughout the the islands of the Bahamas. We are always looking for certified cave divers and explorers to join these expeditions and to help offset the costs of the projects.


Expeditions can be land-based, or on live aboard vessels, depending on the project requirements. Projects vary from stricty exploration, to survey, or science trips. Participants are welcome to assist with the scientific aspects of any given project, but it is not required (i.e. you can just dive if that is what you wish). Please check out our EXPEDITIONS / EVENTS page for the 2002 schedule or CONTACT US AT


This site should be considered “under construction”. We are currently working on a site that will include maps of the Bahamas and individual cave descriptions including, type of cave, biology within the cave, hydrology and any archaeological finds.


Our newsletter, “THE GUIDELINE”, contains information on past and future projects here in the Bahamas. You can see more frequent updates on our CURRENT PROJECTS page, explaining our week to week efforts. Please check in with us from time to time to see how the site is evolving. Enjoy and dive safely.


BCRF Director, Brian Kakuk heading off on an exploration dive in Conch Sound Blue Hole, Andros Island, Bahamas Photo by Chris Crumley